Intro to the Gospel


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Each week we have an introduction with commentary, some assigned reading, and a few questions for you to consider at the end. You are encouraged to take notes while reading your bible just as you would a textbook. The goal is to study a little each day that week. Take time to consider, remember, and learn from the material.

Jesus Establishes His Ministry

Healing & Preaching

Parables & Confrontations

Teaching & Transfiguration

Healing & Parables

Return to Jerusalem

Prayer & Arrest


The Books

Religion tells sinful men what to do for a holy god. The gospels show us what a Holy God does for sinful men.

The Gospel of Matthew was written for the Jews with the perspective of Jesus as the promised King. As such it cites a lot of old testament scripture and focuses on His teaching. The book is focused on establishing the authority of Jesus and works as a bridge between the old and new testaments.

The Gospel of Mark presents Jesus as a servant. It was probably the first of the gospels to be written, with input from the apostle Peter as he and Mark were traveling and establishing churches in the years covered by the book of Acts.

The Gospel of Luke portrays Jesus as a man. Luke can be considered 'Part One' with the sequel being the book of Acts, also authored by Luke. This means it was likely written around 62 AD. Luke was a doctor and most likely a gentile. He writes from the perspective of an academic and historian.

The Gospel of John shows Jesus as God. The book is filled with examples of Jesus' miracles and proof of His deity.