Lake Property

13201 110th Avenue
Davenport, IA 52804

The Adventure Lake Property is for anyone who is a part of the Adventure Community. It is a place to be still to hear God. There are no buildings, no running water, no electricity and no bathrooms; just you, nature and God. It doesn’t matter what location you attend, as long as you attend you are allowed. You may camp, picnic and have a camp fire (in the fire pit) without needing authorization.

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, please pick up after yourself! To fish you must have an Iowa State Fishing Licence AND have on your person an Adventure Fishing Permit (available for $5 at any Adventure Campus). If you like to shoot, talk to Tony or Ron for more information. Due to trespassing and theft and for security, Iowa State Patrol does monitor the grounds regularly. Lake Property rules are below.

There is no running water, but there is some electricity at the asphalt pad, and there is a porta-pot by the entrance. Adventure attenders do not need permission to enjoy recreation at the property. However, an Adventure fishing permission slip and a valid Iowa fishing license is still required for anyone 16 years of age and older who wishes to fish there.

Lake Rules

  • No vehicles allowed off the gravel lane or the asphalt pad. The only exceptions are those using the special use area below the dam or those performing duties or maintenance on the land.

  • Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages.

  • Those Adventurers wishing to fish must have a current Adventure permission slip and a valid Iowa fishing license in order to fish. You MUST have your permission slip in your possession when fishing, or you must leave (having it in your car or at your house does not count). Children under age 16 do not need an Iowa fishing license. Guests fishing with Adventurers are covered by the Adventurer?s permission slip.

  • NO LITTERING. If it goes in with you, take it back out with you. Please also help us keep the area clean by picking up any litter left by others.

  • Absolutely NO swimming.

  • Call 563.650.4008 to report any violations or suspicious people.

Adventure attenders can use the lake property for camping, hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities (other than fishing) without needing written permission. We reserve the right to revoke land use privileges to anyone who does not comply with the rules or show respect for the rules and the land. We do formally schedule events for some individuals or groups to use the area (or specific parts of it). Those scheduled events take priority over private recreation.

Fishing Rules

2015 Fishing Permission Slips are now available at the Welcome Center. To continue with our fish restocking, we are asking for a $5 donation which must be made at the time you receive the permission slip. Due to some issues this past year with an abundance of belligerent trespassers and abuse of privileges, permission slips this year are limited to law enforcement personnel and Adventure-ers ONLY. The slip must be in your possession (not your car or back at home) when you are fishing. Anyone 16 years of age and older must also have a valid Iowa Fishing License to fish. Fishing without a permission slip is considered trespassing and theft.