Prayer & Arrest

Intro to the Gospel

Week 7

  • John 14:1-17:26

  • Luke 22:39-23:25

This week we take another look at the arrest of Jesus. There are several examples of prayer in these sections. We then see Him being passed between various authorities as they try to determine how best to deal with Him.

People & Places

  • Sanhedrin
    Literally translating to 'sitting together', each Jewish city had an assembly of elders which served as a court to enforce the law. The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem functioned as a supreme court and consisted of 71 members.

  • Pontius Pilate
    The Roman governor of Judea, he served for 10 years under emperor Tiberius. As prefect, he oversaw the occupying military police force. As governor, he was in charge of the judicial system, monetary system, and taxation.

  • Gethsemane
    A garden at the base of the Mount of Olives, the name translates to 'oil press'. The exact location of the original is not known and today there are several groves of olive trees at the base of the mountain.

Probable location of Gethsemane, today

What to Look For

John 14:1-17:26

  • Jesus promises the Holy Spirit

  • Hated by the world

  • High Priest prayer

Luke 22:39-23:25

  • Gethsemane Prayer

  • Betrayal and arrest of Jesus

  • Peter's denial of Jesus

  • Jesus is tried and sentenced