Return to Jerusalem

Intro to the Gospel

Week 6

  • John 12:9-50

  • Mark 11:11-14:31

This week we look at the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. A conspiracy against Jesus is formed after He returns to Jerusalem for the last time. The conspirators take their opportunity to arrest Jesus shortly after His Passover meal with the disciples.

People & Places

  • Passover
    One of the most well-known of Jewish festivals, Passover commemorates the exodus from slavery and lasts seven days. Three key elements of the Passover meal were unleavened bread, wine, and lamb. The bread was a reminder of God's deliverance from slavery. Some of the wine was reserved as a reminder of God's promise for redemption. Finally the lamb would be sacrificed for the sins of the household.

Jerusalem as it appeared before the destruction of the Second Temple.

What to Look For

John 12:9-50

  • Jesus enters Jerusalem

Mark 11:11-14:31

  • Jesus in the temple

  • Conspiracy against Jesus

  • Questions on Caesar's authority

  • Predicted destruction of the temple and Jesus' return

  • The Last Supper

  • Peter's denial