Intro to the Gospel

Week 8

  • Matthew 27:27-28:15

  • Mark 15:16-16:11

  • Luke 23:26-24:12

  • John 19:16-21:17

  • Luke 24:13-53

This week we take a look at the execution of Jesus as recorded in all four gospels. We then see what happens afterward once Jesus is risen and the multitude of appearances He made to groups of people.

People & Places

  • Simon of Cyrene
    Cyrene was a Roman city with a high Jewish population in what is now north-eastern Libya. Simon was far from home and likely had been in Jerusalem for Passover.

  • Praetorium
    Originally referring to the tent of a Roman general, the praetorium later referred to the official residence of Roman governors.

  • Golgotha
    The location is not known for certain, though it would have been close to the entrance of the city so that passers by could witness the various executions that would take place here. Roman executions were public to serve as both a punishment to the criminal and a warning to the observers.

  • Emmaus Road
    Translating to “warm spring”, this was the road between Jerusalem and the town of Emmaus. The location of the town has been lost but is likely to be an archaeological site about eighteen miles west of Jerusalem.

Possible location of Golgotha

What to Look For

Matthew 27:27-28:15
Mark 15:16-16:11
Luke 23:26-24:12
John 19:16-21:17

  • Jesus is mocked, beaten, and crucified

  • Burial and resurrection

  • Peter's reconciliation

Luke 24:13-53

  • The encounter on the Emmaus road

  • Commission and ascension