Caring for Your Kids

We’re committed to providing a safe, joy-filled environment where each child feels loved and accepted as they begin their adventure of discovering God.

Sundays @ 9am

Children 1 - 18mo Nursery

Children 18-36mo Toddlers

Children 3 - 4yr Preschool

Children 5yr - Kindergarten 5/K

Children 1st-2nd Grade Primary

Children 3rd-4th Grade Middlers 

Children 5-6th Grade Tweens

Sundays @ 10:30am

Children 1 - 18mo Nursery

Children 18 - 36mo Toddlers

Children 3 - 4yr Preschool

Children 5yr - Kindergarten 5/K

Children 1st - 5th Grade Kids Church

Thursdays @ 5:45pm

Currently, Joint Class offered for children 1month - 4 years

About AdventureLand

What is Adventureland?

Adventureland is our ministry for children one month through the sixth grade. We believe children are an important part of our church family. We want to include children in the process of discovering God, so we provide classes that meet the needs of their particular age group.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

For each child you wish to enroll into Adventureland, you must fill out and submit a registration form. You may pick one up at the Adventureland entrance.


Your kids are safe here! We have multiple security personnel, (the Orange Shirts) in addition to a security camera system, and a check-in / out procedure. For more information on how we keep your kids safe, talk to any one of our dedicated volunteers. Is this your child’s first time here? If so, you will need to fill out a Facts About Me Registration Card. This card should be completed in total and include the child’s parent/guardians signature and contact information. This card should be given to your child’s teacher.

Take a pair of wristbands. Please write your child’s name on one of the wristbands and place it on your child. If your child is an infant you may place it on their ankle. Parents/Guardians wear the other wristband. This is your security band to pick up your child. If you do not have this band, you will have to present ID and a witness who can vouch for who you are. After the paper work is complete and you have your wristbands on, please escort your child to the appropriate classroom.

Sick Child Policy

If your child has any of the following symptoms prior to an AdventureLand class he/she must not attend class.

If you child attends with any of these symptoms you will be paged to pick him/her up.

Discipline Policy

In AdventureLand we seek to provide an atmosphere of learning for all children that is engaging, loving, and encouraging. We desire that children will experience God’s love through their classroom learning and by the relationships they build with our AdventureLand staff. In order to provide a conducive learning environment for our children we have set forth the following policy concerning appropriate classroom behavior and discipline. This policy is based on the idea that discipline and correction are necessary for children to grow and mature in their personal relationship with God, as well as other kids and adults. Disruptive behavior that shows defiance for class rules, disrespect for staff and/or other students or physical or emotional aggression toward staff or fellow students will be dealt with in an age appropriate manner.

Considering becoming an AdventureLand volunteer?

AdventureLand is a wonderful place to serve God and make friends. All Adventureland volunteers have to be regular consistent attenders at Adventure for at least 1 year, and are working on their partnership process. Volunteers need to be actively growing in their personal relationship with God, which is evident by their lifestyle.  We ask that volunteers commit to serving twice a month and should be able to “work-one worship-one”.  All interested volunteers must submit to an interview/application process. This includes a background check. To get started, ask for Steph in AdventureLand!