Jesus Establishes His Ministry

Intro to the Gospel

Week 1

  • Luke 1:26-4:13

  • John 1:29-4:54

  • Luke 4:14-5:11

We begin our study with Luke, who spends the most time on Jesus' early life. We then see Jesus establish several key elements in His ministry. We see him performing miracles, calling disciples, teaching about God's kingdom, and reaching out to non-Jews.

People & Places

  • John the Baptist
    Considered to be the first prophet in hundreds of years, John the Baptist was critical in preparing the way for the ministry of Jesus. His work is also recorded by Roman historian Josephus. He spent much of his ministry working beside the Jordan river, probably not far from the Sea of Galilee.

  • Nicodemus
    A Pharisee and government official that appears several times in the Gospel of John, Nicodemus discusses Jesus' teachings, speaks before the Sanhedrin council, and assists in Jesus' burial.

  • James & John
    Jesus refers to these brothers as the “Sons of Thunder”. They would later be essential in the establishment of churches. John would later go on to write the book of Revelations.

  • Bethlehem
    Today, the city is primarily driven by tourism but remains small at only around twenty-five thousand inhabitants. It was an ancient city even in Jesus' day, being over a thousand years old at the time of His birth. Bethlehem is about one hundred miles from where Jesus grew up, in Nazareth.

  • Jerusalem
    Roman historian Pliny the Elder described Jerusalem as "the most famous city in the East, not just in Judea". At this time, the city had a population of around 50,000 people. Roman architecture had made its way to the Jerusalem in the form of both an amphitheater and a hippodrome for horse racing. What set Jerusalem apart from other roman cities was a lack of temples to roman gods or statues of emperors. The city sits at close to the same latitude as El Paso, Texas.

  • Capernaum
    A fishing village on the northern edge of the Sea of Galilee, the small town was abandoned some time in the 11th century. It is now an archaeologically important site, containing the ruins of homes and synagogues from the time of Jesus.

Modern-day Nazareth

What to Look For

Luke 1:26-4:13

  • Promises fulfilled in Jesus' birth

  • Ministry and goals of John the Baptist

  • Jesus displays His humanity by enduring temptation

John 1:29-4:54

  • John the Baptist endorses the ministry of Jesus before being arrested

  • Jesus performs His first recorded miracle

  • Encounter with a Samaritan woman

  • Healing the son of an official

Luke 4:14-5:11

  • Jesus publicly states His mission

  • Teaching, healing, and calling of disciples