Healing & Parables

Intro to the Gospel

Week 5

  • Luke 13:22-19:28

  • John 9:1-12:8

This week we're looking at many of Jesus' most famous parables and His encounter with Zacchaeus. We see one of the many times Jesus predicts his own death and we have the resurrection of Lazarus and its aftermath.

People & Places

  • Zacchaeus
    A tax collector for Rome in the city of Jericho, he would have had the same poor reputation as Matthew.

  • Lazarus
    Brother of Mary and Martha, who were mentioned earlier. His resurrection would dramatically increase tensions between Jesus and the religious leaders in Jerusalem.

  • Caiaphas
    Roman historian Josephus refers to the Joseph ben Caiaphas being appointed as high priest in the year 18. He believes Jesus is a threat that will provoke the wrath of Rome. Later, Caiaphas presides over the trial of Jesus with the Sanhedrin.

  • Jericho
    An extremely ancient city about 15 miles east of Jerusalem, this city currently has a population of just twenty thousand people. It is known for its springs and palms.

  • Bethany
    Currently home to about twenty thousand people, this city is just east of Jerusalem and was the home of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha.

City of Jericho, today

What to Look For

Luke 13:22-19:28

  • Healing on the Sabbath

  • Parables of the wedding feast, lost sheep, and prodigal son

  • Jesus healing the lepers

  • Prediction of the coming death of Jesus

  • Story of Zacchaeus

John 9:1-12:8

  • Healing a blind man

  • The Good Shepherd

  • Raising Lazarus and the plot to kill him and Jesus

  • Jesus is anointed