Healing & Preaching

Intro to the Gospel

Week 2

  • Luke 4:42-6:49

  • Matthew 5:2-7:29

  • John 5:1-47

This week we see Jesus select the twelve of his followers which would be his official disciples. Jesus then gives one of his most well-known speeches: The Sermon on the Mount. We're going to look at two places this sermon was recorded, in Luke and in Matthew.

People & Places

  • Pharisees
    A Jewish political-religious group lasting over 200 years until the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD. They studied scripture thoroughly and believed in strict legalism and tradition.

  • Matthew / Levi
    A collaborator with the Roman occupation, Matthew worked collecting taxes which was a job brimming with theft and corruption at the time. The name Matthew is a Greek version of his Hebrew name, Levi.

  • Simon Peter
    Originally a fisherman, the Apostle Peter would go on to be a primary figure establishing the early church as recorded in the book of Acts. Despite occasionally wavering in his faith, Peter became an ardent evangelist.

  • Synagogues
    A Jewish community center used as a school and place to gather for worship and the study of scripture.

Remains of the synagogue at Capernaum

What to Look For

Luke 5:12-6:49

  • Jesus speaks on forgiveness

  • Matthew is called

  • Twelve disciples are chosen

  • Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes

Matthew 5:2-7:29

  • Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes

  • A model of how to pray

  • The golden rule

John 5:1-47

  • Jesus heals on the Sabbath